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Lost Sale Deed? Here’s What to Do

Let’s say you’ve lost an important document like a sale deed. You might be feeling worried or stressed out, but don’t worry!

In this blog, we’ll take you through the process of obtaining a duplicate copy of your lost sale deed step-by-step.

Whether it’s due to relocation, natural disasters, or simply misplacement, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s help you retrieve or replace that lost sale deed!

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Why is a Sale Deed Important?

It’s important to recognize the significance of a sale deed before we dive into the process of obtaining a duplicate copy.

A sale deed is a vital legal document that serves as proof of ownership of a property. It includes essential details such as the property’s description, buyer’s and seller’s information, transaction details, and property boundaries.

Without a sale deed, it can be quite challenging to prove ownership of a property.

Steps to Recover Your Sale Deed

Gather Necessary Information

To obtain a duplicate copy of a lost sale deed, the initial step is to collect all the pertinent information associated with the property transaction.

This comprises particulars like the property’s address, survey number, registration date, and the names of the buyer and seller.

File A FIR

If you lose important documents such as a sale deed, it is of utmost importance to file a First Information Report (FIR) with the local police station as soon as possible.

This FIR serves as a legal acknowledgement of the lost document and is a crucial step in initiating the process to obtain a duplicate copy.

Prepare An Affidavit

To prepare an affidavit for obtaining a duplicate sale deed, it is necessary to create a sworn statement that confirms the loss of the original document and the need for a duplicate.

The affidavit should include personal details, followed by stating the purpose, describing the lost document, and providing the circumstances of the loss.

It is important to affirm the truthfulness of the information provided in the affidavit, and then sign and notarize it. Submitting the affidavit along with the application for a duplicate sale deed can lend support to your request and strengthen your case.

Visit Sub-Registrar’s Office

After preparing the affidavit, the next step is to visit the sub-registrar’s office which is in the jurisdiction of the property.

At the office, you will be required to fill out an application to obtain a duplicate copy of the sale deed.

Provide Proof of Ownership

Along with your application, you will need to provide proof of ownership of the property.

This could include documents such as property tax receipts, electricity bills, or any other documentation that establishes your ownership of the property.

Pay the Requisite Fee

To obtain a duplicate copy of your sale deed, you will typically need to pay a nominal fee.

The exact amount will vary depending on the location and specific requirements of the sub-registrar’s office. It is important to inquire about the fee structure beforehand and make the necessary payment.

Verification Process

Once your application and fee payment are completed, the sub-registrar’s office will initiate the verification process.

This may involve cross-checking the details provided in the application with their records to ensure accuracy and prevent fraudulent activities.

Issuance of Duplicate Sale Deed

Upon successful verification, the sub-registrar’s office will issue a duplicate copy of the sale deed.

This duplicate copy holds the same legal validity as the original document and serves as proof of ownership for the property.

To Sum Up

Obtaining a duplicate sale deed can be stressful, but it is an achievable task.

By following the steps mentioned in this guide, staying organized, and seeking legal assistance if needed, you can navigate the process efficiently and successfully obtain a duplicate copy of your lost sale deed.

At Save Max, we prioritize accuracy and reliability in every piece of information we share, making us a trusted source for all your real estate needs. To connect with our team of experts or for any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us. Start making informed real estate decisions today with Save Max Real Estate Brokerage.

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